B.Sc. (External) Degree Programme in Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide opportunities for youth of the country to seek global and national employment by providing proficiency in a wide range of skills and techniques suitable for their careers in the fields of Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Information Technology.
  • To make opportunities available for learning and to train a large pool of geographically dispersed students in Biological and Physical Sciences.
  • To provide a high quality, interactive and a flexible learning programme so that students can learn at their own time, pace and place.
  • To provide a well-trained workforce that establishes a quality culture in the country.
  • To provide access to high quality study material in a stimulating and supportive environment.
  • To provide opportunities for professionals to update their knowledge and develop their skills on the latest technologies and teaching methods.

Mode of Delivery:

The instructions are in blended mode viz. online delivery of theory and discussion sessions and practical sessions (for Botany, Zoology and Physics) at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Course materials are delivered through the Learning Management System (LMS). Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Tutor-Mentors are available to facilitate the online theory and discussion sessions as well as the practical sessions process at the faculty.

Medium of Instruction:



Three years.

Exit points:

  • Certificate Level: After successful completion of the first year.
  • Diploma Level: After successful completion of the first and second years.

Admission Requirements:

The admission of students to the B.Sc. (External) Degree programmes are carried out on the basis of the admission policy laid down by the Faculty Board, Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Senate of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.

In order to be eligible for admission to a program, a candidate should have offered at least two subjects from Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, Mathematics / Combined Mathematics and Physics at the G.C.E. (A/L) examination.

In addition, candidates must also fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Satisfy the minimum requirements for admission to the university as stipulated by the University Grants Commission.
  2. For B.Sc. (External) degree in Biological Sciences: At least three “S” passes in one sitting in Biological Science stream at G.C.E.(A/L) Examination.
    For B.Sc. (External) degree in Physical Sciences: At least three “S” passes in one sitting in Physical Science stream at G.C.E.(A/L) Examination.
  3. Have at least a Credit Pass (C) in English at the G.C.E.(O/L) Examination.

Application for Registration:

Application for registration for the B.Sc.(External) Degree Programme in Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences shall be invited by notice in the Newspapers, University website, Faculty website and the B.Sc.(External) Degree LMS.

  • A person who wishes to become a candidate for the B.Sc.(External) Degree programme in Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences shall make an application to the Senior Assistant Registrar(SAR)/CDCE, when the programme is advertised.
  • The application shall be on the prescribed form providing the information as he/she may be required to submit, including her/his qualifications for undertaking the courses of study.

Courses of Study:

The three year B.Sc.(External) Degree Programmes comprise of a total of six levels (semesters). An academic year will consist of two levels of study and one level of study will be of 6 months duration. The programs consist of a combination of courses drawn from the fields of Physics, Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Botany and Zoology. Each course is a module of study normally completed within a level. A student enrolled for the degree programme may select courses from any combination of three fields of study, provided that he/she offers an average of 30 credits per year (10 credits per subject). On this basis the student has the flexibility of formulating his/her own programme of study and is expected to offer a minimum of 90 credits as well as minimum requirements specified in the student handbook in order to be eligible to obtain the B.Sc.(External) Degree in Biological/Physical Sciences.

Available Courses:

Available Courses for Degree Programme in Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences can be found here.

Selection of Courses:

  • For B.Sc.(External) degree in Biological Sciences:

    Combination: Three subjects.

    Subjects offered: Botany(Compulsory), Zoology(Compulsory), Information Technology, Statistics, Physics.

  • For B.Sc.(External) degree in Physical Sciences:

    Combination: Three subjects.

    Subjects offered: Mathematics, Information Technology, Statistics, Physics.

Continuous Assessments and End Semester Examination:

Continuous assessments may include mid semester examination, tutorials, spot tests, practical sessions, assignments, quizzes, presentations, etc. Marks obtained for continuous assessments may be considered when determining the final grade as decided by the SME.

A student will be assessed at the end of each semester either by a theory paper or a practical examination or both, depending on the course.

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